Derrick Hoffman, Senior Systems Engineer, Thompson School District R2-J

As an IT Professional already burdened with various IT Projects, and daily support of a large and complex network, the District decided that it was in the best interest to seek outside professional help with our eRate funding. With so many consulting firms to choose from, we chose the RFP method and CTI's response was the clear stand out in process. With CTI hired as our eRate consulting firm, the CTI staff took on all of the filing and paperwork required for the entire eRate process. They have proved to be knowledgeable in eRate, and very responsive and supportive through the entire process. They have saved our District time and money by managing our eRate, and have found ways to improve our funding that we did not know before."

Dr Tom Biggs, Superintendent, USD 490 El Dorado

"It is with pleasure that I recommend Dan Burns and CTI Communication Technologies for your communication needs. CTI has proven to be dedicated, honest, and determined in providing USD 490 with the necessary information to make sound decisions on our communication needs. CTI has assisted us in designing a cost saving communication system for our district as well as identifying options and vendors for the phone system at the high school.

Over the years, Dan Burns and CTI have been there with the answers to our communication needs. I recommend them without hesitation."

Curt Fuchs PhD, Dir of IITS, Columbia Public Schools

"Jim Earle has served as our District's e-Rate Consultant for the past five years [2004]. I basically put the entire application process into his hands. He completes the various forms and all we do is sign and check for accuracy. Not only does he prepare the forms, but he also takes the calls from the SLC officials seeking further explanation of the applications.

By having Jim in this capacity, it has freed up my time to meet the demands as the Director of the Instructional and Technology Department. I meet with Jim about three times a year in person with most of the rest of the time we use email or fax to complete the necessary work. I often visit with my peers around the state hearing their struggles with the eRate process. I grin and say, "The only way is to have a consultant".

I highly recommend Jim as an eRate consultant. He is efficient and has never missed a deadline for us. He is easy to reach when necessary and quickly calls when questions arise. I did the eRate application the first year. I would never do it again."

Kendra L. McCreedy, Account Clerk, Stafford County Public Schools

It gives me great pleasure to compose this letter of recommendation for the firm of CTI Communication Technologies (CTI). This letter is a result of the excellent services that they provided to Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) located in Stafford, Virginia (school population of 25,512 students) in the preparation of their eRate Applications for fiscal year 2005-06.

My direct interactions were with Mr. Jim Earle, whom I was in direct contact with during the preparation of our eRate application. Up until this time, I was the sole person for SCPS that did all of the preparation from the initial application to the actual filing for reimbursement. If you have any knowledge at all about the eRate process, you will know that this is a job in itself. In addition to everyday duties as the Account Clerk for the Department of Technology & Information Services within our school division, a majority of time also had to be devoted to eRate. eRate takes a person that has the knowledge, time, and expertise to deal with the ever-changing laws and guidelines that are involved with the program. Stafford County Public Schools decided this year to solicit quotes from consultant firms and found CTI to offer the best services for the fee. In addition, CTI took a direct interest in getting back the maximum refund for our county. Mr. Earle always made himself available when I had questions and went to great lengths to assist me with the gathering of information that he needed for the filing process.

There are very tight important deadlines with the eRate application process and Mr. Earle even took time out of his personal vacation to call me to let me know that everything was on schedule. He was very diligent about e-mailing the completed applications to me for review before submission and answered any and all questions that I had regarding the process. Even though they are in another state there was always an open line of communication between CTI and SCPS. As a result, our applications were submitted very efficiently and effectively. CTI is VERY knowledgeable regarding the refund eligibility process on the application and it was made very evident on the application that they filed for SCPS. The eligible refund amount for the application that CTI had prepared was more than DOUBLE of what was filed for last year by SCPS.

It is without a doubt that I would highly recommend Corporate Telecom, Inc. to anyone that has the need for a highly competent consulting firm in all aspects of the services that they provide. If you should need further elaboration regarding CTI's qualifications, please contact me at (540) 658-6752.

Angie Ratcliff, Technology Director, USD 353 Wellington School District

Although I have only done business with CTI for a short time, I am pleased with the services that we have received regarding the filing of our eRate online application. In the past years this process is something I have always taken care of myself but because of an additional workload the decision was made to find an outside entity to assist us in our eRate applications.

Timing was perfect when we were contacted by CTI Communication Technologies after evaluating their capabilities in their area, I was confident that CTI would be able to identify our maximum qualifications for eRate. I have been pleased with CTI's assistance in the filing process of the Form 470 and I am confident that deadlines for filing of all eRate forms will be met.

Jim Earle is very informative in what our options are in this area an also in taking the helm to make sure everything is completed. He has been timely in contacting us prior to specific dates for completing the next step. I find this type of customer service rare and it has taken some pressure off my schedule.

Without hesitation I would recommend their services and would invite a phone call to confirm my recommendation.

Dr. Robert J Albers, Superintendent, Circle USD 375 School District

We employed Dan Burns of CTI Communication Technologies, to assist us in designing a new telephone system to better serve our district. Circle USD 375 has six schools buildings, a district office, and three service buildings. The scope of the project was to connect all our buildings with voice and data using as much of the existing equipment as practical.

Mr. Burns designed a very workable system, presented us with several options and guided us through the process of selecting the plan to fit our needs and our budget.

I am pleased with the consulting work he has done for us, to the point that we have asked him to assist us with other tasks, including managing our eRate program.

I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Burns and CTI to those who need expertise and guidance in communications systems. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 316-541-2577

Dr. Harriet Wolfe, Asst Superintendent, Finance & Business, Sedalia School District #200

Jim Earle has assisted Sedalia School District #200 with all stages of eRate filing for the past four years and we have been very satisfied with his work. During the past two years as Assistant Superintendent, I have found him to be very knowledgeable and willing to do more than the status quo. His focus on detail and informing us of available options has been very beneficial. This information has assisted us in finding legitimate ways to expand our funding opportunities for both monthly services under Priority One, as well as purchasing internal connections and equipment under Priority Two.

The initial service that Jim did for Sedalia began shortly after our 2000-2001 Form 470 had been filed. After looking over our applications, he brought to our attention additional funding opportunities, which were undetected. After that experience, we were convinced of the value of his services, and continue to entrust him with this procedure to the present.

It's a true relief to be able to turn this over to someone and not have to worry if it's been accomplished correctly and in the time schedule demanded. We simply supply Jim with the information he needs, sign the appropriate forms and he takes care of the rest.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Earle, and CTI to other school districts looking for professional consultants who understand the complexities of technology and eRate funding applications

Please feel free to contact me at 660-829-6450, if you need a verbal recommendation.

Michael S Scobee, District Technology Supervisor, Elizabeth School District C-1

After visiting CTI Communication Technologies' website, I requested to be contacted for additional information. I promptly received a call from Dan who explained how their services worked and preformed a background check on our filing practices in prior years.

After beginning their services, I was turned over to Dr. James Earle who then preformed all the necessary steps for our filing for year 2005. I have been very pleased with his knowledge and abilities to maximize our funding and look forward to a long relationship with CTI. CTI does this service at a very reasonable rate and know what they are doing.

For the time needed to keep up with all the changes and mandatory requirements, it's obvious that the ROI is better having a qualified consultant take care of this vital funding for our schools and free myself up for other obligations. If you would like any additional information about our relationship with CTI, feel free to give me a call.

Don Mayes, Superintendent, Indian Rocks Christian School

Thank you so much for helping Indian Rocks Christian School with its eRate filing. We could not have accomplished this without your help at CTI. Before speaking to you, I would not have known about the thousands of technology dollars that were available for our school.

Also, thank you for your assistance with the actual filing process. You were very helpful in explaining exactly what it was we needed to do. You helped us meet all the proper deadlines so we could be assured of our eRate dollars. Feel free to use Indian Rocks Christian as a reference with your future customers.

Dr. Lorne Wenzel, Headmaster, Pine Castle Christian Academy

eRate is an opportunity for your school to receive a substantial "rebate" for your communications that your school currently uses. However, the forms are complicated and the process is time-consuming. Thanks to Dan Burns' leadership and assistance, our school will receive nearly $10,000 this year. It is money we never would have gotten on our own.

Tana Norris, Headmaster, Lake City Christian Academy

I wanted to thank you for all you've done to help us with our eRate funding. With such a busy schedule during the school year, I have little time to complete such tasks. However, with you doing all the work, this process has truly been a blessing. Due to your hard work we were able to pay all our phone bills, cable bills and internet charges. Thank you once again.